About The Lab

Your prescription for speed

'The Lab' is a place where our readers come to digest more engaging information than what’s regularly, and readily available to automotive enthusiasts; in a more informative way. This isn’t a blog that tricks our readers into click bait. Our stories, articles and features are more evolved than that—more mature, more in-depth, and way better.

Like a pharmacy, we have chosen the best (automotive) drugs to get your through your addiction to speed. We believe that high-quality content should be available in a state of the art platform like the one we’ve built for your enjoyment.

Digesting content should be fun, insightful, and beautiful. So sit back, grab some popcorn (or your kale salad), open your mind, and if you have questions, ask them ([email protected]). We want to provide insight and knowledge into subjects that might not have been available, or been able to be showcased in this type of format before. We want the experience of a magazine brought to your screen.

That’s why we’ve developed ‘Hotspots’. Throughout each article you’ll see these little easter eggs as gateways to either parts available on the car, or more complex information about a particular item that we found interesting for you to discover more. They’re tidbits of the story that help make the bigger whole. Make sure to explore each photo and look for the ‘hotspot’ icon, which will alert you to something deeper. Think of them as sidebars in your favorite magazines.

So, that’s The Lab in a nutshell. It’s a place where content will live and breath in a more engaging way. There’s way more to find, research, and discover, but that’s what your 9-5 is for.

Michael Crenshaw

Editorial Director

Michael is a seasoned editor who came from 0-60 Magazine and RIDES Magazine where he oversaw the production, management, organization and execution for one of America’s leading performance automotive magazines. Responsible for the staff’s creation and design of editorial articles with numerous new conceptual stories, features, photography and design elements being introduced.

Has also been featured in the following publications: ESPN, Maxim, Nylon Guys, Scout.com, and AskMen.

RxSpeed also works with some of the most influential and groundbreaking automotive photographers, journalists, and advisors to make sure the content is beautiful, concise, and accurate.