Launching Brand Dashboard and Verified Listings

Cloud-based solution offers companies access to their parts & retailer data

White Plains, NY -- July 2, 2015 --RxSpeed, the largest comparison search engine for the motor vehicle aftermarket, announced today the launch of RxSpeed for Business and its flagship Brand Dashboard, a secure login for manufacturers to access their product and pricing information. This cloud-based solution was designed to help companies manage their digital catalog while monitoring their online retailers and pricing. Manufacturers currently list products free of charge on and now have the ability to view their complimentary dashboard by verifying their contact information.


“RxSpeed has experienced tremendous interest from car enthusiasts since the official launch in February,” said Michael Chapin, CEO of RxSpeed. “As a result, we have received a number of requests from manufacturers looking to access their inventory and analyze their retail pricing. RxSpeed for Business was developed in response to demands from the industry’s leading manufacturers and our easy-to-use Dashboard will provide them with valuable data and insight.”


According to Hedges & Company, the transition to online sales of auto parts is growing by $1 billion each year, or roughly 17%, leaving brick and mortar sales behind. This shift has created several new challenges for manufacturers in the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). However, cloud-based computing has made it easier and more cost effective than ever before to create tools for management and collaboration.

 RxSpeed for Business


“We use dozens of cloud and SAAS technologies to run our business that were not available two or three years ago,” noted Eric Coomer, CTO of RxSpeed. “Software-as-a-service tools are now abundant in every industry with the exception of the auto aftermarket and we wanted to change that using the data we already manage every day”. 


To access additional functions, features and more advanced pricing intelligence, RxSpeed offers subscriptions to its dashboard starting at $49 per month. Additional automated services, currently in beta to be released later this year, will monitor unilateral or minimum advertised price (MAP) policies and offer enterprise solutions for companies with specific needs.


Six months after its launch, RxSpeed now catalogs 1.5 million products and updates 15 million prices every day with a goal of connecting consumers with products faster and easier than ever before. “Implementing new technology has traditionally been a resource and labor intensive process,” noted Chapin, “That’s no longer the case, manufacturers should be able to focus on making great products while leveraging cost-effective solutions to run operations, sales and marketing more efficiently”.


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