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This '67 Ford Mustang Fastback has 750 horsepower and a pissed-off attitude.

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Cameron Figgins is an outspoken man. And like his voice, his 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback carries volume in a big way. It’s one of the more rare ’67 Mustangs out there, because this isn’t just a muscle-car setup, or a Sunday driver with a thrown-on set of knockoffs for reproduction looks. This is a lifestyle build with the heavy artillery to back up its actions, with a mix of a metal widebody and a 750-horsepower, NASCAR-inspired, 527-cubic-inch destroyer of roads. For all intents and purposes, this could be the perfect mix of old-school mentality with new-school style.


Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior




Widened and lowered by 3.5 inches, the Mustang was meant to sit appropriately on top of its massive Pirelli 405-series rear tires (bigger than a Bugatti Veyron’s hardware, in fact) but still keep the iconic shape of the early Mustangs. Painted a Pure Black custom mix by Body and Paint by Jeff in Oxnard, California, there’s no “flash” to this car—just pure lines and aggressive stance to admire. And if you weren’t sure of the nomenclature, “Mufasa” greets you on the front grille as the only logo on the entire car, accentuating its clean, almost concept-car stance.


"I always wanted Eleanor’s big, badass, ugly brother, and now we have it with Mufasa,” Cameron boasts.

Interior Interior Interior Interior


Inside you will not find any remnants of the historic Mustang the shell is based on. Everything has been updated, improved and customized, offering 21st-century creature comforts and performance. An integrated iPad and Dakota Digital gauge offer a Tesla vibe to the center console by removing bulk and making all audio controls accessible via touchscreen. A huge swath of carbon fiber covers the dashboard, and leather even covers the floor. The interior is on par with cars 40-plus years its senior.

Drivetrain Drivetrain


The Mustang came equipped with a carbon-fiber driveshaft before Cameron purchased it after SEMA. “As a matter of fact, the first day I drove the car, the driveshaft fell out of it,” Cameron admits. Swapping the lightweight—albeit structurally challenged—shaft, Cameron traded it in for a strengthened aluminum unit with a custom driveshaft loop, offering the benefits of light weight with the reliability of metal. As Tim Allen would grunt, “Uuuuuuuahhhhh, aaaaarohhhhhh!” A Currie 9-inch rear end puts the power to the pavement.

As for suspension, a custom air-ride setup over coilovers allows a drop in height when static but plenty of flexibility for the roadway, along with a customizable four-link setup for a proper configuration. Brakes are massive 16-inch, six-piston Wilwoods, sourced from their truck division, giving the Mustang plenty of stopping power when the 750 horsepower is screaming at full tilt.

Cameron explains that “the six-piston Wilwood brakes that are on here are the largest brakes that Wilwood has ever made, and this is the only car with them on it. They’re usually made for big trucks. They’re the biggest Wilwoods on the planet.”

Engine Engine Engine


The meat and potatoes of the build is the Keith Craft Racing motor. Utilizing an all-aluminum Shelby 427 bored and stroked to 527 cubic inches produces a naturally aspirated 750 horsepower with a tri-power carburetor setup on top. A March billet serpentine setup with matching billet pulleys complements the aesthetic beauty of this highly technical motor, surpassing the plastic component most modern motors showcase and giving the Mustang noticeable performance gains. 

A Tremec T-56 six-speed manual tranny makes sure that the fun factor is available at most any speed and rpm, and with 750 horsepower on tap, the reserves are deep.

Wheels Wheels


With a footprint bigger than a 15-inch MacBook Pro, the 24x15-inch rear custom three-piece forged Kompression KCV-556s are huge, but because of the widened sheet metal, they fill the void without looking out of place. The smaller 20x10 front wheels give the car the slightest forward rake, making it on the same plane as the pavement when the suspension is settled down. Overall, the look is one of the best setups and fitments on a retro-mod/pro-touring vehicle.

Audio Audio Audio


Strategically placed—and a subtle callout—the Pioneer speakers are perfect copies of the Kompression wheels, which are mated to Infinity and Arc Audio components, providing refuge from the outside world. With the grilles perfectly matching the exterior wheels, the theme of total customization continues throughout the car.

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