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Building upon a favorite of tuning culture, this specially modified Lexus IS 340 upgraded to a 2JZGTE stroker motor with a massive turbo providing boost.

2014 Lexus IS 340 2JZGTE

Thanks to the proliferation of prototyping and high-quality testing in the past few years, tuning a vehicle has become something that isn't going to grenade your motor after 10 pulls. More so, it's become easy to assume you can get a modest gain by either reflashing the ECU, bolting on an exhaust and intake, or throwing on a turbo to make good power in no time. However, sometimes you just have to stick with the tried-and-true method of existing platforms. One such platform is the 2JZ-GTE, a bulletproof legend with the same tuning potential as the Chevy LS motor—however, with a cult status approaching God-like.

Exterior Exterior Exterior Exterior



Built to take up to 1,600 horsepower, the Brian Crower 2JZ-GTE stroker kit replaces the stock forged crankshaft with a billet one and ups the liter capacity to 3.4, hence the IS 340 moniker. The inline-six has been ubiquitously used in everything from the Toyota Supra (which made it a household name) to boats, and recently in Ryan Tuerck’s 2015 drift car.

Interior Interior Interior Interior


What’s better than a stroker 2JZ? Adding a turbo to the mix. Leaving it alone is all well and good, but in order to make a more positive impact of not just another twin-turbo 2JZ, they instead relied on a single dual-ball-bearing Garrett GTX4088R turbo for boost. The 4088R is proven to shut down harsh vibrations and allow for major cooling properties in order to keep the heat where it doesn’t belong. And with Garrett’s 11-blade compressor wheel, the spool is fast without noticeable lag.

Engine Engine Engine Engine


A set of J.E. pistons, a Hypertune 90mm throttle body and Deatschwerks 2,200cc fuel injectors were used to button up the stout engine package, while an AEM Electronics ECU would take care of the computing power to make this a reliable package. If necessary, you could probably daily drive this with no trouble. They’ve tracked the car reliably, too.


With all the mechanical changes to the Lexus’s outgoing hardware, the factory electronic steering system was replaced by a more archaic yet more direct link to the chassis, featuring KW Suspension V3 coil-overs, huge Brembos and sticky Toyo rubber. Oh, and if you had trouble getting the Lexus to slide, there’s even a custom hydraulic handbrake setup for hanging out the rear.

Wheels Wheels Wheels


Mated to the 2JZ is a Toyota R154 five-speed from a MKIII Supra running upgraded Lexus IS F axles. When you’re producing 700 wheel horsepower, there’s a good chance the stock units wouldn’t be worthwhile, so the necessary steps were made.

This Lexus could be the ultimate sleeper: part subdued luxury sports car and part tire shredder. It’s like wearing a pair of khakis to get weighed in before a boxing match. The fact is that you could step inside without any preconceived notion of what the car is and think you’re still inside a nice Lexus with all the accoutrements—even with a set of Sparcos smattered with leather in a light grey that totally fits the Nebula Grey pearl exterior, keeping the appeal of luxury. However, it wouldn’t be until you fire it up and let that turbo spool that things would become alive real fast.

Details Details Details Details


Outside of the VIP culture, Lexuses (Lexi?) haven’t been on par with the other imports, but there’s hope—because after seeing this build and realizing the potential, others will follow where the 2JZ leads.


2014 Lexus IS 340 Specs (base vehicle IS 250)




Toyota 2JZGTE

Horsepower- 687whp @22psi on 91 octane

Torque- 596 lb.-ft

Redline- 7,000rpm

Displacement- 3.4-liter

Bore- 86mm

Stroke- 94

Compression Ratio- 9.5:1


Garrett GTX4088R Turbo


Brian Crower BC0309 3.4L Billet Stroker Kit


Hypertune 2JZGTE 90mm throttle body


Deatschwerks 2200cc injector


AEM Electronics Infinity ECU


Greddy Pulley Kit


Koyo Aluminum Radiator




5-speed Toyota R154 transmission


Brembo GT Brake system


OS Giken TR Series triple plate clutch


Lexus IS F axles




Advan Racing TCIII 18x9-inch front, 18x9.5-inch rear wheels


Toyo R888 tires




Nebula Grey Pearl


Modellista Lip Kit


TRD Japan




Sparco EVO2 seats


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