2015 Luftgekühlt Air-Cooled Porsche Show

We spoke with Patrick Long about the second installment of the Luftgekühlt Porsche meetup, which brought some familiar faces and absolutely priceless beauties.

Finding, and then filling, a void in the car show scene in Los Angeles can be a huge undertaking considering that it’s the car show capital of the world. However, Porsche factory racecar driver Patrick Long felt there were cars (Porsches, obviously) that were around LA but not going to the major shows such as Cars and Coffee. “I think car happenings can be intimidating, clicky and inconvenient,” says Patrick.



So after some discussion with his friend and California creative legend, Howie Idelson, they started Luftgekühlt in order to meet with other Porsche enthusiasts in a stress free and fun environment.




The second time around brought every kind of Porsche imaginable from track rats, daily driven beaters, a Japanese spec 964 RS 3.8, 906, and even a vacant plated Kremer 935 driven from Beverly Hills. If you were a Porsche fanatic, there wasn’t a better place that offered more of a selection, pedigree, lack of pretention, and appreciation of all things air-cooled.


"The idea was really to invite friends of mine, people that might show up at a BBQ and not know anything about them," Patrick says. He continues, "I really wanted to tell a story about why we nerd out so hard in this little genre/niche and not worry about it being about pedigree or insider story." By opening up the event to anyone—as Patrick says "a guy in a business suit to a kid on a skateboard with a pitbull"—that bleeds Porsche, it was a major success showcasing just how many diehards live in the LA area by turning it more into a cultural, family event for Porsche guys.


With rumors of expanding Luftgekühlt to different countries, Patrick's mission statement will stay true no matter where it's held. "My goal is that you don’t want to miss the next one, because we’re only going to do that uniquely once, and it’s not saying that we’ll never go back to the same venue, but if we do it will be a different layout, different cars, and different people—we’re going for that boutique experience."


























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