Bryce Menzies dominates Frozen Rush

Both RedBull superstars made it to the final of Frozen Rush 2015 in a historic battle, but Menzies leaves teammate Ricky Johnson out cold.

Photography: Brian Nevins


In a storybook ending, Bryce Menzies overtook his mentor, offroad racing legend Ricky Johnson, in the final round of RedBull’s Frozen Rush Pro-4 race at Sunday River in Maine in a six-lap winner take all sprint. 



Menzies, who last year was beat in the semi-final by Johnson made sure to keep his calm during the race. “Last year I think I overdrove the truck and lost a lot of time doing that and this year it was to be smooth and consistent, especially how the track was gonna go,” Bryce admits. “I knew it was gonna be rough and ruddy going against Ricky—a dogfight out there—and when he got the holeshot I knew I had to just be clean, but once he made the mistake I knew there was no lifting.”



This year, Sunday River traded quiet skiers carving tracks for 900 horsepower Pro-4 trucks battling head-to-head, which, unlike last year where the trucks were staged and released in 30-second intervals, this year was neck and neck from the start to the finish. It made for a much more interesting “racing” scenario, instead of last year’s time trial setup.


You can see the final results below, and stay tuned for an in-depth look at the mechanics and science behind the trucks from this year’s race as RxSpeed will bring you a feature worthy of standing in the -20-degree weather for!



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