The Faces of Porsche Rennsport V

A macro look at Rennsport through Porsche's racing, and production cars, and how they've changed over the generations.

Rennsport is by far the most overwhelming event if you're a Porsche enthusiast. Emotions are overrun with so much incredible history in one location that you literally cannot comprehend everything you're seeing. It's a Porsche coup de grâce; an emotional punch to the gut with Mark Donahue's 1,500hp 917-30 over there, Rob Dyson's 962-101 tucked around the corner, the LeMans movie car under that tent with Jerry Seinfeld watching over. The visual pornography doesn't stop, sending your brain into a mushy tailspin. It's Porsche nirvana to the millionth degree. 


There has been an overwhelming amount of pictures in your social feeds, but one thing that stuck out to us was just how much the face of Porsche has changed over the generations. You're seeing almost every variant of what they've produced in one location. Their prototype cars have changed from the sweeping, fluid lines on the 917 and 962 to the more upright noses in their RS Spyder and 919 Hybrid LeMans winner, a clear deviance in the change from clay models to computer renderings. The 911 has stayed consistent but the subtle nuances and classic liveries make them all special and different.


The diversity is unforgettable, and while every four years does seem like a long time, it makes counting the days to the next one that much more special.









































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